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Anthony B.

Used to live in the motel across the street from Kingston House of Pizza when I was a kid and times were tough for my family. My younger brother and I are Italian, so naturally we’re pizza snobs, and Kingston House of Pizza was where we spent our days. The owners and employees were wicked nice. Real people making real food, and what’s more, I think they knew how poor we were because they would always hook my brother and I up with a little something on the house. Sometimes drinks, sometimes whole pies. That said, even if they hadn’t been so generous, we would still love the Kingston House of Pizza just as much as we do today because they are friendly, funny, and make the best damn pizza (and subs) in Kingston, if not the country, if not the world. Seriously, check this awesome establishment out asap because honestly, I am embarrassed it took me this long to write this review that is well deserved to say the least. I just wish I could do more. Thanks Kingston House of Pizza for providing my brother and I with quality food while our mom was at work, not to mention a childhood.

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